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DR. BETTY CHENEY-KELLY - Board Certified Pediatrician - Pediatrics in Brevard

Dr. Betty Cheney-Kelly

Board Certified Pediatrician - Pediatrics in Brevard

Finding the right pediatrician for your family should be done during pregnancy. There will be a lot of questions answered about what visits will be like and how often you’ll be seeing a pediatrician in the first year, sleep, growth milestones, medications that are safe for baby, product safety, and vaccination schedules. Bringing your baby home can be anxiety-provoking, make sure you and your partner feel as prepared as possible by taking this class with Dr. Cheney.

Meghan Christie

Car Seat Safety Specialist / IBCLC - Rockledge Regional Medical Center

Car Seats and car seat safety are not as simple as you may think. There are a lot of options out there and before you register for one, take this class to know which one will suit your family’s needs, vehicle and budget best. Practice installing it before the baby comes so you feel confident that you’re keeping them safe! Install your child’s car seat and have it verified after the class by Meghan.

RACHEL WILLIAMS - Pediatric Physical Therapist - Sandy Toes Physical Therapy

Rachel Williams

Pediatric Physical Therapist - Sandy Toes Physical Therapy

Developmental milestones develop in ranges and it’s good to know some of them so that if you notice your child isn’t meeting some, you can receive early intervention. Rachel will review many milestone types with you and share resources on how to interact and play with your baby over their first year to encourage their development. She will also discuss some toys and products that she’s found to be helpful and also those that could be potentially harmful and why.

Suna Clinchard

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist / Certified Perinatal Mental Health Counselor
Certified EMDR Therapist & EMDRIA Approved Consultant
Ascend Counseling & Wellness

This course is for mothers and their support people to gain awareness of perinatal mental health. You will gain a clear understanding of the transitions to parenthood and adjustments that will be required for all support people to identify a mother’s needs and respond to them effectively. Suna will review what to say and what not to say to new parents and resources for help if and when needed.

JULIE O'NEILL - Doula - Birth Naturally Brevard

Julie O'Neill

Doula - Birth Naturally Brevard

Julie will be discussing birth plans from home birth to hospital birth and everything in between. As a doula she has extensive experience in comfort measures for any type of birth as well as knowledge in the services that doulas can provide after delivery. Learn more about babywearing, how to manage when your birth plan doesn’t go as planned, and about all of your delivery options in our county.

Grace Snavely

MEd, IBCLC - How To Be A Great Grandparent

Parenting has changed considerably in the last 30 years and there have been significant shifts in professional recommendations for parenting, feeding, etc. Grace has a Masters in Education, is a retired IBCLC and Doula, and has an incredible family here in Brevard County. Come and learn about updates in guidelines and how to be the most supportive parent you can be to your children and create a positive nurturing environment for your growing family. 

GRACE SNAVELY - MEd, IBCLC - How To Be A Great Grandparent
JILLIAN BENFIELD - Author/Advocate for People with Special Healthcare Needs

Jillian Benfield

Author/Advocate for People with Special Healthcare Needs

Special sessions will be scheduled for Jillian to meet with groups of families who may feel they need some assistance navigating local resources for their child with special healthcare needs. She has created an incredible online resource guide for our county available for download here: 

Please visit her website for more resources.

Kathryn Terrian Newton

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist

Have you ever considered what happens to your pelvic floor during and after pregnancy? If so, this lecture is for you! If you or your friends have experienced leaking with coughing, sneezing, laughing, jumping – you may have pelvic floor issues. Let Kat educate you on what to expect and how to manage your health, return to exercise, and how to navigate a return to intimacy post-childbirth.

KAT TERRIAN - Pelvic Physical Therapy - Rythm Pelvic Health
REBECCA GOFF - IBCLC, NP - Space Coast Lactation

Rebecca Goff

IBCLC, NP - Space Coast Lactation

Breastfeeding doesn’t always come naturally as it’s a complex practice that isn’t meant to be learned alone. This class will talk about feeding (breast and formula), local resources, milk donation, pumping, bottle systems, breastfeeding aids, and all the things you can do to prepare you and your partner for feeding your baby for its first 4-6 months and beyond.

Dr. Rebecca Novo

Plastic Surgeon - For Your Best Self

Dr. Novo is an esteemed plastic surgeon who will be discussing the physical changes that occur during pregnancy and post-partum and how to embrace them. She will review body positivity and how to be your best self after birth. Past surgical interventions impact on the post-partum period will be discussed including how they may affect breastfeeding.

DR. REBECCA NOVO - Plastic Surgeon - For Your Best Self
DR. VANESSA JOHNSON - Dermatologist - Health First

Dr. Vanessa Johnson

Dermatologist - Health First

Dr. Johnson will be discussing pregnancy skin care, baby bathing tips, common rashes in newborns, as well as management of eczema and other skin conditions.

Jamie Burrows

OB/GYN - Partners in Womens Health

Dr. Burrows will be reviewing Labor and Delivery in a hospital setting, what is normal for post-partum recovery, the best products to help with recovery at home from C-section vs. vaginal delivery, sex after baby, questions to ask your OB/GYN to ensure that you are being heard, and myths/facts about birth control post-childbirth.

JAMIE BURROWS - OB/GYN - Partners in Womens Health
YOSHITA PATEL HOSKING - Board Certified Pediatric Dentist - Viera Pediatric Dentistry Founder - The Hive: A 4th Trimester Collective

Yoshita Patel Hosking

Board Certified Pediatric Dentist - Viera Pediatric Dentistry
Founder - The Hive: A 4th Trimester Collective

Tethered oral tissues (i.e. tongue/lip ties) can lead to painful breastfeeding, inadequate milk transfer, limited weight gain for babies, and a number of other symptoms for a newborn baby. Dr. Patel will review some things to look for and discuss with your pediatrician or IBCLC whether you are breast or bottle feeding. Oral hygiene starts early and she will review how to care for your baby’s gums and teeth and what products to use and avoid. She will also review common (and uncommon) things that you may see in your baby’s mouth in their first year of life.