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A 4th Trimester Collective.

There may not be an instruction manual on how to be a parent, but our group of local (mom) professionals is dedicated to helping you and your family figure out what you need before you need it. The idea that having a baby is supposed to be the happiest time of your life is a challenging one for many new parents in those first twelve weeks at home – the 4th trimester. As a society, we no longer have a village of people around us to tend to our needs which results in many mothers pushing aside their needs as they are healing from childbirth. Whether you are a stay at home parent or taking maternity/paternity leave for some time before heading back to your job, we want to help you make the most of that time as a family by focusing on what your needs will be and planning ahead to ensure they are met. Our mission for this group of mother-focused professionals is to focus on preparing and educating families to fill the gap of post-partum care during the fourth trimester through support of mother and baby.

You are loved.
You are appreciated.
You are exactly the mom your child needs.
You are enough. We are here for you, mama.
Find a chair, make a friend, build your village.

The Hive Classes

Maternity leave is not a vacation or time off, it’s work – it’s survival while sleep deprived. Navigating your transitioning family life and dynamics, healing from childbirth, running a household, parenting, being a partner, carrying the mental load, managing intrusive thoughts, caring for a newborn and having disrupted sleep are things we should be planning and training to manage.

Your identity changes as well as a mother as you are so focused on caring for your infant that you can sometimes question who you are outside of their primary caregiver role or look in the mirror and feel unrecognizable. You may start comparing yourself to other people and question if you are doing things “right”. It’s a demanding time but a beautiful one too if you are willing to show yourself the kindness and compassion that you share with those around you.

Accepting help can be difficult but if you are able to take some of the lessons that are taught in our classes, you can help your supporters and biggest fans learn what you may need so you don’t always have to ask for it directly. Motherhood is a combination of intuition, effort and a lot of learning so let us help you navigate how your body and mind will change and teach you how to be gentle with yourself.

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