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Wednesday Sept 20th - How To Be A Great Grandparent

Course Topics:

  • Discussion of Parenting Paradigm Shifts

  • Professional Recommendations for Parenting, Feeding, etc. 

  • How to Be Supportive and not Intrusive

  • How to Create a Positive Nurturing Environment for Your Growing Family

About the speaker

GRACE SNAVELY - MEd, IBCLC - How To Be A Great Grandparent

Grace Snavely

MEd, IBCLC - How To Be A Great Grandparent

Parenting has changed considerably in the last 30 years and there have been significant shifts in professional recommendations for parenting, feeding, etc. Grace has a Masters in Education, is a retired IBCLC and Doula, and has an incredible family here in Brevard County. Come and learn about updates in guidelines and how to be the most supportive parent you can be to your children and create a positive nurturing environment for your growing family.