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Wednesday January 17 - Pediatric Physical Therapy

Course Topics:

  • Review of physical developmental milestones

  • When early intervention is indicated

  • How to Play with Your Baby at Various Ages/Stages

  • Toys/Product Reviews 

  • Tummy Time and More

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About the speaker

RACHEL WILLIAMS - Pediatric Physical Therapist - Sandy Toes Physical Therapy

Rachel Williams

Pediatric Physical Therapist - Sandy Toes Physical Therapy

Developmental milestones develop in ranges and it’s good to know some of them so that if you notice your child isn’t meeting some, you can receive early intervention. Rachel will review many milestone types with you and share resources on how to interact and play with your baby over their first year to encourage their development. She will also discuss some toys and products that she’s found to be helpful and also those that could be potentially harmful and why.