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Wednesday February 21 - Breastfeeding 101

Course Topics:

  • Feeding: Breast, Bottle, and Alternatives

  • Review of Local Resources for Feeding Help Before and After Delivery

  • Review of the Best Bottle Systems for Your Baby

  • Introduction to Pumps: Everything from Insurance, Use, Maintenance and Beyond

  • How to Be a Supportive Partner 

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About the speaker

REBECCA GOFF - IBCLC, NP - Space Coast Lactation

Rebecca Goff

IBCLC, NP - Space Coast Lactation

Breastfeeding doesn’t always come naturally as it’s a complex practice that isn’t meant to be learned alone. This class will talk about feeding (breast and formula), local resources, milk donation, pumping, bottle systems, breastfeeding aids, and all the things you can do to prepare you and your partner for feeding your baby for its first 4-6 months and beyond.